Our company produces two basic materials basalt and eucor.

First and more produced one is melted basalt. It is produced from raw material, which is world-unique by its composition. From melted basalt, which features excellent properties, particularly abrasion and chemical resistance, the company produces huge amount of products of wide applicability.

The second material produced by the company is material with the trade name eucor. This material features excellent properties, too, and additionally it is resistant to high temperatures, and it is used exclusively in industrial operations, e.g. as abrasion-resistant inserts for pipe protection.


Basalt is natural material-stone, which belongs to such materials, whose lifetime has exceeded not only centuries, but also millenniums.

In the 20th century this kind of stone features much wider application in industry and civil engineering with development of petrurgy, i.e. processing of non-metallic ores by melting and casting.

Basalt is continuously melted in pit-type furnace heated by natural gas at approx. temperature 1280 C. At 1200C it is cast (shaped) into metal or sand moulds, and after removing it, it is stored into continuously cooling tunnel furnaces until cooling after 16-21 hours, where it re-crystallizes and gains its end-use properties.


Melted basalt features general applicability and therefore it may be found in various forms practically in all industrial sectors. Additionally, you may find it in interior areas as well, where its non-traditional appearance and excellent properties are used.

Main Physical Properties of Basalt:

Strength in compression min. 300-450 MPa (CSN EN 993-5)

Mohs hardness min. 8th grade (CSN EN 101)

Use up to 400 C

High chemical resistance

Wearability max. decrease 5 cm3/50 cm2 (DIN 28062, 52108)

Abbrasion resistance max. decrease 110 mm3 (CSN EN ISO 10545-6)

Imbition 0 % (CSN EN ISO 10545-3)

Frost resistance

Thermal shock resistance up to 150C

Bend strength min. 45 MPa (CSN EN 993-6)

Volumetric weight 2900-3000 kg.m-3 (CSN EN 993-1)


Our company produces literally thousands of various products from melted basalt and this amount is constantly increasing due to our own development and to the requirements of our clients as well

Main groups of products from melted basalt:




Reducing pieces, T-pieces, Y-pieces

Special shaped casts

Split gutters

Radial shape pieces

Sewerage gutters, tubes, bricks

Heading tubes

IN LINE tubes


EUCOR is material produced by melting of suitable raw materials in electric arc furnace at temperature exceeding 2000 C, followed by crystallizing of the melt. The melt is cast into sand moulds. The final product is aluminium-zircon-silicate, composed from corundum, baddeleyite and vitreous phase.

Eucor features excellent properties, particularly hardness, resistance against high temperatures and chemical corrosion.

Use of products from EUCOR

Due to its excellent hardness they are applied under conditions of extremely heavy abrasive load, such as pneumatic transport of silica sand, sinter, mainly in the piping bends. Other examples are: lining of separators, spiral chutes, dragline conveyors, concrete mixers, blenders etc.

Eucors resistance against high temperatures enables its use for masonry of glass furnaces above the melt level, for special shape pieces of burner walls and burners themselves, for shape pieces of regenerative chambers, coke-oven platforms etc. An interesting opportunity is its use in fly-ash separators with high entry temperature, where all stated properties, incl. chemical resistance, might be used.

Main Physical Properties of Eucor:

Strength in compression min. 300 MPa (CSN EN 993-5)

Mohs hardness min. 9th grade (CSN EN 101)

Use permanently up to 1000C, short-time up to 1100C

High chemical resistance

Abrasive resistance max. decrease 30 mm3 (CSN EN ISO 10545-6)

Actual porosity 10 % (CSN EN 993-1)

Thermal shock resistance min. 20 cycles 950/20C (DIN 51068-1)

Bend strength min. 50 MPa (CSN EN 993-6)

Volumetric weight 3500 kg.m-3 (CSN EN 993-1)


EUTIT produces the following eucor products: inserts of piping pieces, flat tiles, radial tiles, tailored shape pieces for lining of steel jackets acc. to customers drawing documentation.

In addition, eucor is also basic material for production of complex casts for glass processing sector, metallurgical plants, power and heating plants etc.

Main groups of products from eucor:


Radial shape pieces



Reducing pieces, T-pieces, Y-pieces

Special shape casts

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